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SP Tickets Finding Their Way

December 13, 2013

SP Tickets is new to the industry in 2013. The Growth, thanks to all the support from our customers, has been incredible. We started a Facebook Page and have 178 Likes already with 70+ Engaged. What SP Tickets is trying to do and needs help is finding their way. What do SP Tickets Customers want??? How do we reach out to all ages? SP Tickets uses the phrase “Where Tickets are Sold and Memories are Made.”
What started out as just a few season tickets to a few college football teams has grown. We are continually adding more and more Premium Seats to events that are in demand.

Concerts! Concerts! Concerts! Wow have you ever looked and tried to figure out how many artist there are preforming at venues all across North America? You would have to have Mark Cuban money to try and please everyone… SP Tickets, thanks to our Marketing Expert Nathan, has decided to take the approach slowly. Don’t over buy to a single event. See what works and what doesn’t.

Now the positive thing is that SP Tickets is a Full Broker Service Selling Tickets on the Secondary Market. SP Ticket have tickets to offer for literally every event you can imagine on our website http://www.sptickets.com. There are some good deals out there too. Right now you can go to select Big 12 Basketball games cheaper than a High School Basketball game at http://www.sptickets.com.

Concerts SP Tickets has Tickets for: BCS Bowl Tickets: Big 12 Tournament Texas Rangers Baseball
Adam Lambert Fiesta Bowl
Young The Giant Cotton Bowl
Willie Nelson
Dwight Yoakam
Just to name a Continue reading